This guide aims to support regulators and development partners in their journeys to develop remittance reporting and analysis systems to obtain better data and insights on remittance transfers, which are critical for making informed remittance-related policy decisions.

This guide provides instructions for assessing the current data collection landscape of a country to understand the existing processes and systems, and for identifying existing barriers and opportunities to the implementation of remittance reporting and analysis systems, as well as tools designed to facilitate comprehensive research. The advice provided in this guide is designed to be tailored to the unique circumstances of the country to which it is being applied.

The objectives of this assessment guide are:
1. To assess the current remittance collection and tools of the country
2. To identify the existing barriers and country-specific red flags in the capturing and analysis of remittances flows, along with opportunities for the development of data-driven platforms from which central banks and regulators can extract information about the economy and remittances flows.

Download the assessment guide on data collection here

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