This guide is designed to help regional economic secretariats, policymakers, regulators and development partners with assessments of the existing remittance-related policy and regulatory frameworks. It is intended to help identify the policy and regulatory enablers and inhibitors of men and women’s access to, and their usage of, remittances through formal channels, particularly through affordable digital channels, and to inform the process of the harmonizing remittance-related policy and regulatory frameworks at the REC level.

Using it should help with ensuring that remittance-related policy and regulatory reforms undertaken at the REC or member state level can attain convergence, through shared understanding at the regional level, thereby leading to seamless cross-border remittance operations across the REC.

This guide’s step-by-step instruction helps to formulate these convergence criteria arising from the thorough review of frameworks for remittance policies and regulation. The tools set out here help to organize the research and to ask the right questions of the right people.

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