Switching from cash to digital remittances, research insights from Wizall Money in Senegal

Authors: Sarah Lober, Mamadou Diallo, and Mahamadou Ilboudo Key insights  Senegal is one of the top remittance-receiving countries in Africa, and its remittance services market is ripe for digital innovation. Wizall Money is one of the few providers in Senegal offering mobile money payouts via its recently-introduced digital wallet.    Only 20 percent of Wizall’s […]

Integrating remittance and mobile wallet services: A case study of IME Pay in Nepal

Authors: Ali Asad Rashid, Houle Cao and Robin Gravesteijn Key takeaways  Inbound remittance receipts are a lifeline for Nepal’s economy and people. To support these transactions, in 2020, IME Pay combined its existing international remittance and mobile wallet services to enable customers to receive international remittance transfers directly into their mobile wallets.  Overall, women have […]

Access and Usage of Digital Remittances: A Case Study of Ping Money in The Gambia

©UNCDF Authors: Marup Hossain, Muhammad Ali Akram and Eugenia Perez Pons Key takeaways The Gambian economy greatly depends on international remittances, more than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic period. However, the country is currently unable to take full advantage of these flows because a large share is sent through informal mechanisms. As a result, there […]

Invitation to a “Webinar on Innovation Pilots Focused on Migrant Financial Resilience,” 19 and 21 July

UNCDF is pleased to invite you to a closed-group webinar on Innovation Pilots Focused on Migrant Financial Resilience to share an overview of its work and plans for the financial resilience of women and men on the move. We will be sharing an overview of a forthcoming RFA that will enable value-chain players to access our financial and technical support to aid the development of innovative and scalable migrant-centric financial resilience solutions.