Driving Digital Transformation in LDCs | June 24, 2020


Digital technologies and services are playing a critical role in mitigating and navigating the significant impacts of COVID-19. In least developed countries (LDCs) in particular, the pandemic is spurring the need to leverage digital solutions to support the responses to the crisis. 

The question to consider is: How does digital transformation define the response to COVID-19 while preparing the foundation to build inclusive digital economies that will support sustainable development in the future? 

UNCDF shared its strategy and experience in building inclusive digital economies in LDCs with the public and private sector. The webinar aimed to give participants an understanding of the types of partnerships and initiatives that drive the digital transformation in the last mile in LDCs. Stakeholders from both the public and private sector shared their insights and perspectives regarding digital transformation and how it contributes to the response to the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. 

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