This is a library of open-source guides and tools published by UNCDF to share the methods developed for enabling the flow of digital remittances and the design of migrant-centric products and services. These guides and tools are designed for a variety of audiences, from policymakers to development practitioners to remittance service providers, and are categorized across the four workstreams in which UNCDF operates: enabling policy and regulation, open digital payment ecosystem, inclusive innovation and empowered customers.

Each guide on this page combines experience-based methodologies and tools to structure the application of the methods. The tools are designed to be used in conjunction with the guides but are also linked separately to allow for maximum flexibility in their application. Continue reading or use the navigation below to access the guides:

  • Assessment Guide: defines a sequence of steps to generate a baseline understanding about a particular entity (company, country, region, etc…) as it relates to remittances while also providing the basis for identifying the gaps or “recommendations” between the baseline and ideal state. 
  • Reference Guide: defines steps and tools that may be applied to help carry out the recommendations generated through the initial assessment to move towards reaching the desired state. These guides are open source, though designed for UNCDF as the primary users, and will evolve and be added to as the programme’s experience grows.



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